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The Product

Greendizer is a set of tools and APIs designed to let businesses exchange and query invoices.

Businesses can connect their existing systems to Greendizer or rely solely on it to start pushing their invoices to their customers.

Developers can write amazing applications that leverage the extremely rich data Greendizer digests from the invoices it handles and monetize them on our marketplace.

Greendizer is free, and is planning on releasing premium features and apps in the future.

Just like it wouldn't make sense to charge every email sent, Greendizer is committed to keep creating, sending and displaying invoices completely free.

The Company

Greendizer is trying to change the way Business is done, starting with invoices.

We want to offer the easiest, cheapest, fastest and most efficient way for anyone who needs to deliver an invoice to a customer or extract a bit of information from it.

Our goal is to democratize business software by allowing small developers and software vendors to access business data at the lowest price point possible, thus removing the main entry barrier of the market.

The Team

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The invoicing business is huge. Trillion dollar huge. We're looking for talented people to join us and help disrupt it. Apply online!

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