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Your imagination is the limit

Integration to billing system

Use Greendizer as a complete billing system or as an extension of an existing one. Full power to bill customers, read, update and track and back up sent invoices, send reminders, and so much more.

Integration to CRMs and ERPs

Integrate Greendizer and update CRMs and ERPs with real-time data extracted from the invoices sent and received. It changes everything to have up to the second fresh insights on how a business is doing.

Apps for industry-specific data-driven decision making

Greendizer offers the power to query invoices and extract all sorts of statistics and figures. Only developers like you are able to give them a meaning and turn them into rational business decisions.

Automation apps

Feed your processes with digested data from the invoices exchanged and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like accountancy, inventory stock levels, etc.

Public resources

We believe in an open web that serves the interests of the end-users above all. We give you access to the public profile of every company registered on Greendizer to use them freely.

Get started

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    Sign up to Greendizer if you haven't already - It's completely free, then log in to your account.

  2. Register your app

    Visit your account's settings panel to register a new application.

  3. Download the Lib of your choice

    Pick up a library in the language of your choice. It will help you interact with the Greendizer REST API with familiar objects and tools.

  4. Find help

    Take a look at the cookbook we made for the libraries. It features code samples and examples in all the supported languages.