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Delivery via email

We notify your customers via email with a customizable message as soon as we receive your invoice. They can view it online or download it as a PDF. No registration required.

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Status update

Invoices on Greendizer are living documents. You can mark them as due, paid or canceled, and let Greendizer inform your customers of all the changes made on your side.


Tie up to 10 different emails to your Greendizer account to organize your invoicing by point of sale, salesperson, or product. Aggregate them all for a global view.

Internationalization (i18n)

Greendizer adjusts the language and formatting of the invoice to the browser settings of the customer viewing it. Small things can make a huge difference.

Invoices web app

Manage the invoices you send and receive the same way you handle emails with this clean and fast application. The perfect back-end app for the perfect invoicing system.

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On site experience

Take the Greendizer experience anywhere you want by combining our APIs, helper libraries and state-of-the-art widgets. Delight your customers with just a couple of lines of code.

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Helper libraries

Libraries in Python, Java, PHP, C# and Javascript to put the full power of Greendizer at your service in your favorite programming language. All open-sourced.


Greendizer allows you to link third-party applications to your account. Leveraging the data contained in your invoices takes your business - intelligence - to a whole new level.

Digital signature

Digitally signed electronic invoices are about to go mainstream. Be ahead of the crowd with legally valid document your customers and the tax administration can trust.

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Unlimited backup storage

Greendizer is a remarkable multi-site backup system for your invoices. With its unlimited storage, they remain where they are until you decide of their fate.

Full SSL

We take the confidentiality of the data you exchange with us very seriously. HTTPS is the only protocol in use on Greendizer. The identity of our servers can be checked, and our communications encrypted.

IP white-list

Restrict sending invoices to a handful of machines or locations you trust and control. Any invoice received from an unknown IP address will be rejected.