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Gear your startup up with an invoicing system so efficient, you'll never think of changing it.

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Protects your business

When your invoicing system fails, your entire business stops.

Greendizer relieves you from the complexity of building, running and maintining a billing system, and prevents potential failures or delays from jeopardizing your business. It's lightning fast, incredibly reliable, and dead-simple to use.

Adapts to your specific needs

Focus on what you do best: making your customers happy.

The flexibility of our API's and widgets allows you to assemble the perfect billing system for your business in just a few hours of work. Greendizer works silently behind the curtain et lets you focus on other important parts of your business.

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Presents your invoices like a Fortune 500 company

The quality and design of your invoices add credibility to your business.

Your invoices are the face of your company; you can't afford to miss an opportunity to showcase its quality. They're used by your customers, their accountants, their auditors, etc., and need to be up to what they've come to expect from you.

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Grows with your business

One growth bottleneck less to worry about

Startups grow incredibly fast. Our system is ready for an overnight increase of volume whether we're talking thousands or millions of new customers.

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Saves you time and money

Why reinvent the wheel? Greendizer has everything you need to start today and for free!

There are millions of things you need to know about invoicing, accounting, taxes, etc. before you can even start buidling a system. Greendizer handles all of it and much more for an unbeatable price.

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  • Python
  • Php
  • Java
  • C#
  • Javascript
Retrieve and flag overdue sent invoices.

today =
query = "canceled==false|paid==false|duedate<<%s" % today

user = SellerClient("oauth_token").user
identity = user.emails[""]
collection =

for invoice in collection:
    invoice.flagged = True
Retrieve and flag overdue sent invoices.

$today = date("m/d/Y g:i:s A");
$query = "canceled==false|paid==false|duedate<<".$today;

$user = SellerClient("oauth_token").getUser();
$identity = $user->emails()->getById("");
$collection = $identity->invoices()->search($query);

foreach($collection->getResources() as $invoice){
Retrieve and flag overdue sent invoices.

String today = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").format(new Date());
String query = String.format("canceled==false|paid==false|duedate<<%s",

Seller seller = new SellerClient("oauth_token").getUser();
Email email = seller.getEmails().getById("");
Collection<Invoice> invoices = email.getInvoices().search(query);

for (Invoice invoice : invoices) {
Retrieve and flag overdue sent invoices.

string today = DateTime.Today.ToString("yyyy-MM-d"); //ISO date format
string query = string.Format("canceled==false|paid==false|duedate<<{0}", today);

var user = new SellerClient("oauth_token").User;
var identity = user.Emails[""];
var collection = identity.Invoices.Search(query);

foreach(var invoice in collection) {
    invoice.Flagged = true;
Retrieve and flag overdue sent invoices.

application.init(function(state, error){
        var user = application.getUser();
        var identity = user.getEmails().getItemByID("");
        var collection = identity.getInvoices().search(query);
            for(var i=0; i < resources.length; i++){
        }, null, 0, 50);

Loves developers and knows what they want

We are developers ourselves, and we love designing tools for our community.

Developers love what we've done with Greendizer. Whether they're taping the REST API directly, or using one of our libs in Python, PHP, Java, C# or Javascript, they just feel at home.

  1. reliable
  2. flexible
  3. professional
  4. scalable
  5. cost-effective
  6. simple

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